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New Manufacturing Facility

Sunbather are proud to open their new manufacturing facility at their Head Office site in Hastings, Victoria, further bolstering the future of their Australian made products since 1974. The new 1500sqm facility is well overdue increasing under-roof space by a significant 75% and is home for steel manufacturing works and warehousing. Although planed for almost 10 years, the facility was given the green light in May of 2021 and fortunately local councils at the time were fast-tracking building approvals to stimulate building activity throughout lockdowns allowing the facility to be completed in a very short time frame given the disruptive state of supply chains.

Since completion significant investment has been made in upgrading plant and machinery with manufacturing automation high on the priority list to reduce lead times and increase product quality, which will continue for another 6 months. Having recently been purchased by Fluidra, a world class manufacturer, Sunbather has enormous support in generating all-round continuous improvements the business, particularly with respect to efficient and lean manufacturing processes, all of which brings more value to customers.  

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Sunbather products are proudly Australian made and committed to local manufacture. They continually test the performance and durability of their materials under Australian conditions.

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