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Heat Your Pool the Natural Way
Sunbather Downunder Pool Roller with Thermal Cover partially on pool

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Owning a swimming pool is a significant investment, but most pools are left unused for much of the year simply because the water is too cool for comfortable swimming. Even in the northern states, pools are shut down for up to half the year.

Heating a pool not only doubles the fun the family enjoys it also doubles the value of that investment and, in Australia, we are blessed with abundant sunshine so what could be more logical than using that energy to heat your pool when you most feel like swimming?

In 1974 three young students realised that enough solar radiation falls on a pool owner’s roof every day to heat three or four swimming pools. They wanted to develop new technologies that could harness some of Mother Nature’s abundant free energy to heat those pools in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective way, and Sunbather was formed.


Today, tens of thousands of domestic and huge commercial pools are heated by Sunbather solar pool heating systems. When the sun is shining and people want to swim, those systems collect the sun’s heat to regulate the temperature of the pool water. The only running cost is a few cents per hour to run a small circulation pump.

With solar, the sun generates the heat and that heat is fed directly into the pool, so there’s very little to break down or wear out with a Sunbather solar system. So warranties are much longer with far less upkeep, but most important of all in these times, only solar technology can claim to be environmentally responsible.


Not satisfied with finding an environmentally friendly way to warm a pool, Sunbather engineers turned their attention to keeping it warm for as long as possible — and with as little cost as possible.

Pool covers not only help keep pools clean and reduce evaporation, thermal covers also lock in heat, conserving heat energy and can even extend the swimming season for unheated pools.

One downside is that pool covers and rollers can be unattractive. Homeowners want to spend a lot designing and building their dream pool and landscape and don’t want a bulky roller and cover to spoil the view. Covers systems can also tend to take up an unnecessary amount of space. They can be a trip hazard and climbing on them is an unwanted poolside safety risk.

Sunbather addresses all of these problems with the Downunder hidden pool cover system. The roller and cover sit in a cavity below the ground/deck at the end of the pool completely out of the way and out of sight.





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