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Gas Pool Heating
If you want to heat your pool or spa quickly and efficiently, you need a pool gas heater from Sunbather. Pool gas heaters are ideal for heating pools or spas on demand, or for maintaining a desired temperature during cold seasons. At Sunbather, we offer two types of pool gas heaters: AstralPool Gas Heating and Zodiac Gas Heating. AstralPool Gas Heating is our next generation gas heater that offers you more options and more efficiency. You can choose from natural or LPG gas, indoor or outdoor installation, or different capacities. Zodiac Gas Heating is our ultra-compact and innovative gas heater that is the ultimate pool and spa gas heating solution. It has a lightweight design, a corrosion-resistant heat exchanger, and a consistent and reliable performance. Choose a pool gas heater from Sunbather and enjoy the benefits of gas heating.
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