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Pool Rollers

One of the most significant issues when covering a pool is where does the cover go? A roller not only stores and protects your cover but also makes its use so much easier. We have roller solutions to suit any situation. Whether you want it kept on a wall, under a seat, wheeled away or completely hidden underground.

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Commercial Pool Rollers

Quality and reliability are critical especially in a commercial setting. Our rollers are custom built-in Australia to suit any dimension. Sunbather rollers are carefully constructed using durable commercial-grade materials and premium finishes.

Pool Rollers

Pool rollers are essential accessories for your pool cover. They help you roll up and store your cover easily and safely, while saving space and extending the life of your cover.  Whether you want a mobile or fixed roller, a manual or semi-automatic roller, or a ground, inground or wall mounted roller, we have the perfect solution for you. Our pool rollers are made in Australia with high-grade materials and premium finishes, ensuring durability and quality. With a pool roller from Sunbather, you can roll up and store your cover with ease and convenience.

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