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Pioneers of the Solar Pool industry

After pioneering the Solar Pool Heating industry in Melbourne in 1974, Sunbather has led the industry from the front ever since and never looked back. The solar pool heating market in Australia has Sunbather to thank for many of its great products and concepts including Flat Loop Solar, HiPEC collector and many more. To partner with solar pool heating, Sunbather expanded into all types of pool covers, but found the high quality thermal covers and safety pool covers was what consumers were interested in. Now, Sunbather is Australia’s largest supplier of automatic pool covers for pools of all sizes.

Innovation is at the heart of Sunbather which has been recognised by the industry making Sunbather the most awarded solar pool heating company in Australia. From Flat Loop Solar, to underground hidden rollers, you can rely on Sunbather to come up with the latest new product. 

In 2021 Sunbather had a change of ownership and became part of Fluidra, who is the global leader in the pool and wellness industry.

Sunbather has a true national presence with offices in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, with key dealers in all other states. Whether it’s a small domestic or large commercial project, Sunbather is the trusted name for Australian pool owners. 

We break boundaries​

Innovating is part of our heritage and in our blood. In everything we do from making great product, to how we answer the phone, we are all looking for the best way that gives us the consistent edge to lead from the front. Our number 1 position as Australia’s Most Awarded Pool Heating Company is vigorously defended on a daily basis.

We know our stuff

Every industry has its most experienced company and thought leader. In 1974 Sunbather installed the first solar pool heater in Australia and we’ve been learning ever since. For us, it’s about sharing that experience and information as a first principle with customers to give them the best chance of success as a seller, or end user of our products.

We make it here

At Sunbather we are passionate about Aussie manufacturing, local suppliers, and local jobs. We started making cool stuff in a small shed, and we are now making cool stuff in a much bigger shed! Australian manufacturing gives us an advantage over competitors to change the game how we want, when we want, to meet customer needs, and we won’t ever be letting that go.

We tread lightly

At our core, we are closet environmentalists making products that “Collect & Conserve” energy. Solar collects, and pool covers conserve. It’s a really simple mantra for the design and selection of our product range to make the cut. It then becomes infectious… our team then drives ideas about saving energy and reducing waste.

Everybody’s smiling

It’s our aim to make sure that everybody associated with Sunbather, employees, suppliers & customers, have a smile on their face (for most of the time!). It starts from within, so if our great team is smiling with a great winning attitude, then we have a better chance of passing it on to the people around us.
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Sunbather products are proudly Australian made and committed to local manufacture. They continually test the performance and durability of their materials under Australian conditions.

QBCC Licence No: 1538 6317
NSW Fair Trading Licence No: 26792C
ACN: 004 898 631