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Domestic Pool Covers
Sunbather has a wide range of covers to suit all pool environments. From our flexible fit thermal, robust security, stylish hidden or durable winter range we have you covered.
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GD Seat Roller and Thermal Pool Cover

Thermal Pool Cover

Our Thermal Pool Covers are a cut above the rest with superior heat retention, durability, aesthetics and savings. A heated swimming pool left uncovered can lose twice its volume over one year.
Automatic Security Cover being deployed

Automatic CVX Covers

Our Automatic CVX Covers are the premium product to simplify your pool’s use while protecting your family, pool, and money. Operate with a turn of a key, and the quiet motorised roller will do the rest.
Black Winter Mesh Cover

Winter Mesh Covers

Our Winter Mesh Covers will allow you to forget about your pool while you’re not using it during the colder months, saving you water, time and money