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Stromlo Leisure Centre

Molonglo Valley ACT

The Stromlo Leisure Centre in the Australian Capital Territory boasts state-of-the-art pools, children’s play area, gym facilities, creche, health club, café and more and was opened in August 2020 to service the needs of over 100,000 residents in the rapidly growing Molonglo Valley region.
Those state-of-the-art indoor pools include:

  • One 50M Pool
  • One 25M Pool
  • A Freeform Leisure Pool
  • And a Splash Pad Area

Each pool was heated by Gas Boilers through Plate Heat Exchanges. To reduce the amount of energy required to keep those pools at just the right temperature, Sunbather Thermal Pool Covers and Rollers were installed on each. For the 25 metre Pool and the Leisure Pool Sunbathers Underseat Roller Systems were the obvious choice.

  • They were Functional. In addition to keeping the covers out of the way and out of sight, they are used as seating around the LTS and leisure pools for parents.
  • They were Durable. The frames are made from Powder coated Stainless Steel with Aluminium Planks and Rollers.
  • They were Aesthetically pleasing. The timber-look planks were designed to complement the centre’s stunning laminated timber ceiling trusses and monument coloured walls.

The 50M Pool Covers and Rollers had to cope with the starting blocks. The solution was Sunbathers unique Folding Starting Block Extension. This tubular boom arm can be folded out to carry the cover over the starting blocks and on to the roller – and then folded back out of the way.

In the end, the average annual running cost savings provided by Sunbather Thermal cover & Rollers systems is so great that the Stromlo Centre can expect to recover the full costs of the covers systems within one and a half to a maximum of two and a half years depending on usage.

Stromlo - Aqua Valet and Under Seat Roller

Challenges & Requirements

Limited space
Starting blocks
Reduce energy required


Reduced running costs
Reduces evaporation
Retain heat
Save energy
Made from high quality materials
Easy to use
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Sunbather products are proudly Australian made and committed to local manufacture. They continually test the performance and durability of their materials under Australian conditions.

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