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The Block 2020

The Block 2020

For the first time, The Block 2020 saw all five homes include a stunning swimming pool.  As per the National Construction Code, each pool required a pool cover to save energy and water. A Sunbather 4mm (4000 Micron) Thermal Pool Cover and Downunder Roller System was the perfect match for these beautifully designed backyards. These pool cover systems needed to:

  • retain heat
  • save water
  • save energy
  • complement the stylish surrounds
  • preserve the limited space around the pool
  • be made from high-quality materials and
  • be easy to use

Sunbathers Downunder and Thermal Covers ticked all these boxes and are proudly Australian made!

Working closely with Franklin Pools, the installation was a smooth process and will leave the new owners with a sustainable and warm pool, and a pool cover system that is out of sight and out of the way!


Photos courtesy of The Block 2020 and Channel Nine

The Block 2020 - Downunder Roller

Challenges & Requirements

Limited space


Reduced running costs
Reduces evaporation
Retain heat
Save energy
Compliment the stylish surrounds
Preserve the limited space
Made from high quality materials
Easy to use

Downunder In-Deck/Pit

Thermal Pool Cover

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Sunbather products are proudly Australian made and committed to local manufacture. They continually test the performance and durability of their materials under Australian conditions.

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