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Rheem Commercial Pool Heat Pumps

Sunbather is an Authorised National Dealer of the Rheem Heat Pump Range. Rheem Thermal’s range of heat pumps are designed and built in Australia. Favourites of the Australian industry for 30 years, these technologically advanced units are installed to major aquatic centres and specified where the highest quality of components, design and control is essential. 

Rheem Thermal pool heat pumps now include the exclusive Rheem IQ® advanced intelligent controller. The heater is intuitive and has the ability to manipulate both its run hours and the pool temperature by time-of-day and day-of-the-week to minimise heating costs, with an inbuilt understanding of the structure of Australian-market electricity pricing. Rheem IQ® provides much more than a fully integrated energy efficient approach. Rheem IQ® aids the perfect set-up of your heater by displaying both the entering and leaving water temperatures. It provides self-diagnostic control, monitoring performance and safety. The on-board service module provides a log of operation and fault history to aid quick service diagnosis.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Features & Benefits

• 38kW to 540kW output
• Full commercial construction including marine grade aluminium case
• Acoustically – lined compressor enclosure to reduce noise and improve serviceability
• Exclusive Rheem Cote anti corrosion treatment of the evaporator
• Titanium heat exchanger providing protection against water chemistry imbalance
• Significantly larger evaporator area giving stronger heating performance at low ambient
• Compressor staging ability to minimise demand
• Pressure transducers provide full refrigeration data to aid service
• Removable coil guards for easy cleaning
• Exclusive Rheem IQ® advanced tariff control to minimise heating costs
• Full connectivity with BMS and CBus for remote monitoring
• Advanced service module with full onboard diagnostics
• Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions
• Full manufacturer’s warranty and factory/service support nationally
• Dedicated national technical phone support

Options & Accessories

RTHP041-3, RTHP052-3, RTHP066-3, RTHP087-3, RTHP102-3, RTHP132-3, RTHP175-3, RTHP199-3, RTHP265-3, RTHP350-3, RTHP440-3 and RTHP540-3

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Astral Commercial Pool Heat Pumps

Astralpool’s AHP series heat pumps are versatile and reliable solutions for heating or cooling any aquatic facility. They are durable, efficient, and suitable for any pool or spa size.


Sunbather products are proudly Australian made and committed to local manufacture. They continually test the performance and durability of their materials under Australian conditions.

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