Flexible Hi-PEC Strip

The Solar HiPEC Strip Pool Heating System enables installation around any object on any shaped roof while delivering our industry-leading high performance.

Our system’s length is fully customisable, allowing you to utilise your roof’s maximum solar output capability.

Our unique flexible HiPEC strip solar heating is the leader in efficiency, aesthetics, flexibility and strength.

The six-tube system allows for low-profile ends which hug closer to the roof rather than a 10-12 tube system that leaves big ugly large end loops extruding from your roof.

Alternatively, upgrade and be done with loop ends altogether by installing our market-changing Flat Loop. We developed the first Flat Loop end, winning us the gold medal for innovation. Our Flat Loop is welded using no joins and therefore allowing for no leaks.

Commercial Flexible Strip Solar

Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate flexibility to fit any roof and work around electric solar panels, skylights etc.
  • Holes in webbing to allow maximum water drainage and a mechanical and chemical bond to the roof
  • Built in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Waterflow and pressure monitored to provide optimum performance
  • Low running costs
  • SPASA Australia Climate Care Certified
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Commercial ST2

Suntube-2 Rigid Panel

Sunbathers Suntube-2 rigid panel is the latest breakthrough from the engineering stables. The Australian made Suntube-2 is the new global benchmark in solar panels.


Sunbather products are proudly Australian made and committed to local manufacture. They continually test the performance and durability of their materials under Australian conditions.

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