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AR 200 Wall Roller

Our Australian made AR 200 Wall Roller is a semi-automatic motorised wall mounted roller. It comes with a strong 200mm one piece aluminium tube, sturdy, anodised wall brackets, SS roller bearing in a rigid housing and a 240v mains powered European internal motor.

This semi-automatic roller (auto retract/assisted deploy) comes a with a forward/reverse handheld remote.



Indoor Aquatic centre with two AR 200 Wall Rollers being unrolled

Features & Benefits

  • Strong 200mm one piece tube
  • Sturdy anodised wall brackets
  • SS roller bearing in a rigid housing
  • Discreet 240v mains powered European internal tube motor
  • Semi-automatic roller (auto retract/assisted deploy)
  • Hand held remote


Sunbather products are proudly Australian made and committed to local manufacture. They continually test the performance and durability of their materials under Australian conditions.

QBCC Licence No: 1538 6317
NSW Fair Trading Licence No: 26792C
ACN: 004 898 631