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Big 4 Sandstone Point

Sandstone Point QLD

We were contacted by the Big 4 at Sandstone Point and asked to assist with solar heating for their splash pad. This consisted of 2 x 15,000L under ground tanks that circulated water through a filtration system, the water was picked up from the tanks and pushed through the water features as required by the patrons.

Our biggest challenge was heat loss when the water features were operating, so we sized the solar collectors (Suntube-2 Rigid Panel) at 200% of the water volume if sized as a 30m² pool, ie 60m² of solar collector. We added in a 15 minute timer on the water feature pumps to ensure heat loss was minimalised and the water features weren’t running when the splash pad was unused.

The park operators are very happy with the installation of our Suntube-2 solar and in July saw their water temp rise by 6°C.

Challenges & Requirements

Reduce running costs
Increase water temperature


Reduced running costs
Save energy
Made from high quality materials
Easy to use

Suntube-2 Rigid Panel

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