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Heating a swimming pool can be a costly process if not managed correctly. Since 1974 Sunbather has developed an award-winning range of Australian-made pool heating solutions to deliver the best result for you and your family.

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Pool Heating Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney

In Australia, pool heating plays a crucial role in maximizing the enjoyment of swimming year-round, given the diverse climate that ranges from tropical to temperate. Australians often invest in pool heating systems to extend their swimming season, ensuring comfort even during cooler months. The most popular pool heating methods include solar, gas, and electric systems, with solar being particularly favored for its eco-friendly and cost-efficient attributes.

Solar pool heating harnesses the abundant sunlight across the continent, utilizing rooftop collectors to absorb and transfer heat to the pool water. Gas heaters provide a quick and reliable solution, ideal for rapidly raising water temperatures, while electric heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative. The popularity of pool heating systems varies across regions, with tropical areas relying less on heating due to their consistently warm climate. Nevertheless, in Southern regions or during colder seasons, pool heating remains a valued amenity, enabling Australians to indulge in the pleasure of swimming regardless of external temperatures.

Energy Efficient Pool Heating Solutions


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It takes a lot of energy to heat a pool, so it’s essential to lock in that heat while your pool isn’t in use. We offer a wide range of pool cover and roller solutions that are not only great for the environment but look great and save you money too.

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Pool Covers Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney

Pool covers are an essential accessory for Australian pool owners, playing a crucial role in maintaining water quality and conserving energy. In the scorching Australian climate, where temperatures can soar, pool covers act as a shield against the harsh sun, preventing excessive evaporation and the loss of valuable pool chemicals. This is especially important in regions with water restrictions, where every drop counts.

Beyond water conservation, pool covers also contribute to energy efficiency by trapping and retaining heat. In cooler months, they help to extend the swimming season by keeping the water warm, reducing the need for additional heating. Additionally, pool covers act as a barrier against debris, leaves, and insects, keeping the pool clean and minimizing maintenance efforts.

Given the diverse Australian landscape, pool covers come in various materials and designs to suit different climates and preferences. From lightweight solar covers to durable, heavy-duty options, pool covers are a practical investment for pool owners seeking sustainability and cost-effective pool management in the Australian context.

Pool Cover Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney

In the scorching heat of the Australian summer, a pool cover becomes an essential accessory for pool owners. As the sun beats down relentlessly, these covers not only shield the pool water from the harsh UV rays but also serve as an effective means of temperature regulation. Australians are well-aware of the importance of water conservation, and a pool cover plays a dual role by minimizing water evaporation. This eco-friendly solution aligns with the country’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Beyond water preservation, pool covers in Australian English are colloquially referred to as “blankets” or “pool blankets.” This terminology reflects the protective and insulating qualities these covers provide. Aussies appreciate the practicality of pool covers, as they reduce the need for constant refilling due to evaporation. Moreover, these covers help keep debris at bay, ensuring a cleaner pool environment and reducing maintenance efforts. In the land Down Under, a pool cover isn’t just a luxury – it’s a smart and responsible choice for pool owners combating the intense Australian sun.

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We are a specialist pool heating company that offers ALL 3 types of pool heating. With years of experience and our exclusive pool heating calculator our team are here to help you make the best informed decision to get the most out of your pool.


Sunbather products are proudly Australian made and committed to local manufacture. They continually test the performance and durability of their materials under Australian conditions.

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