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Here at Sunbather, we have been designing and manufacturing solar pool heating, covers and roller systems for over 45 years. Our solar systems have been proudly Climate Care Certified with a focus on energy efficiency, while built to withstand the rigours of our harsh Australian environment.


Solar Pool Heating

On a sunny day, a solar system will produce four times more heat than any other conventional heating system while lasting years longer in the process and doubling your pool’s annual usability.

Pool Rollers

Sunbather have roller solutions to suit a wide variety of pool environments. Whether you want your roller kept on a wall, under a seat, wheeled away or completely hidden underground.

Pool Covers

Sunbathers offer a versatile range of covers to suit the varing size and shape of any pool. From our flexible fit Thermal, robust security, stylish hidden or durable winter range we have you covered.

Solar pool heating

Suntube-2 Rigid Panel

Sunbather's Suntube-2 Rigid Panel is the latest breakthrough from the engineering stables. The Australian made Suntube-2 is the new global benchmark in solar panels.

Flexible HiPEC Strip

The Solar HiPEC Strip Pool Heating System enables installation around any object on any shaped roof while delivering our industry-leading high performance.

Pool Covers

Automatic Security Covers

Sunbather's Automatic Security Covers are the perfect premium cover to simplify your pool use while protecting your family, pool and money.

Thermal Pool Cover

A heated swimming pool left uncovered can lose twice its volume over one year. Our Thermal Pool Covers will save 90% of this water and will retain double the heat.

Winter Mesh Covers

Our Winter Mesh Covers will allow you to forget about your pool while you’re not using it during the colder months, saving you water, time and money.

Pool Rollers

Downunder In-Ground

Our award-winning Downunder Rollers, the in-ground or in-deck variants, keep your Sunbather Thermal Pool Cover out of sight.

Downunder In-Deck/Pit

Our award-winning Downunder Rollers, the in-ground or in-deck variants, keep your Sunbather Thermal Pool Cover out of sight.

AR-200 Wall Roller

Our Australian made AR-200 Wall Roller is a semi-automatic motorised wall mounted roller.

AR-200 Ground Roller

Our Australian made AR-200 Ground Roller is a semi-automatic motorised ground mounted roller.

GD Seat Roller

Perfect for customers wanting to disguise their pool cover and have the benefit of a seat at the end of the pool.

DDT Bench/Box Roller

Our Australian made DDT Bench/Box Roller is ideal for use under bench or in-box installations

GD-T Roller

Designed to be permanently fixed to pool coping, inside a box, in a pit and can also be mounted under a bench.

DDL Wall Mounted Roller

When space is limited, it be mounted on the back of a pool wall or retaining wall or even fixed behind pool levels with coping.

SS-W Roller

Boasting commercial strength and reliability the SS-W is the very best in mobile rollers

Platinum Roller

The Platinum Roller comes with high quality multi-directional castors and is secured by stainless steel drop bolts
Peachy Pools
Peachy Pools is a distributor of Sunbather premium quality, Australian made pool heating & pool cover systems located on the Gold Coast. For more information about Peachy Pools visit

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